The coming week is quite balanced with a little profit for sellers

Stockology is a weekly column by futurologist Mahesh Gowande. He is the founder and director of ZodiacAnalyst, which developed ZodiacAnalyst, a research software with time and price charting tools.

The jittery markets moved ahead as expected with Nifty falling 420 points during the week. We believe this could be the beginning of a higher volatility phase over the next three months. Auto and FMCG sectors witnessed strong gains during the week, while banking and IT were hit by the exit of deep-pocketed investors.


Our system is suggesting that a 420 point fall in Nifty could be the beginning of a longer correction. We have seen traders lose a lot of money in such times using momentum indicators and systematic trading.

The weekly chart has closed lower than the last 11 weeks, making it the first sign of a potential market reversal. Delivery volume was higher than normal, which means money will flow out of the system. Technically, the hourly signals were in strongly oversold territory, but the bounce was very weak, and it failed to touch or surpass the 50 percent of Thursday's candle. If Thursday's low of 21,932 is broken, expect further downside with a target of 21,670 within 45 days.

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On April 25, Venus moved from Pisces to Aries. We suggested that one should be more careful about their investments. Since then, investors' wealth has been gradually decreasing.

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The sun entered nAkshatra Krittika At 7:02 am on April 11, it began its impact. during Krittika The Period Divergence indicator is the most effective technical tool to use on both weekly and hourly charts.

Nakshatra Krittika Symbolizes the need to think carefully before acting, suggesting a prudent approach. Expect steeper and faster price movements, with spike candles occurring more frequently on the charts. Market sentiment-driven actions, driven by desperation, greed and over-excitement, are likely to disrupt chart patterns.

The coming week is quite balanced, with sellers having a slight advantage. Many shares of auto, FMCG and pharma sectors will see improvement in prices. Although volatility may increase, however, markets should see nominal negative weekly closing, while FMCG, pharma and auto stocks may see positive price movements.

Sun 0 Uranus On 13th, there will be big fluctuations in power sector shares, especially in the sector leaders. We also see a positive impact on the IT sector.

Fri 60 Sat Positive, will stabilize media sector and give big boost to FMCG sector.

mercury 90 pluto Symbolizes destruction of wealth due to natural disaster, or human violence and loss of livestock.

Weekly Forecast for Traders and SIP Investors

13 May 2024: Monday: S.6: Punarvasu 11.34/Pushya: Auspicious day

A lower start would be considered a very positive sign for the market (in sharp contrast to last week). date 6 There will be a good uptick in the markets for sure, we will see spike bottoms, and hourly divergence will create 'buy' opportunities for swing traders. Nifty FMCG and Nifty Equal 50 can indicate the best ETFs for SIP and bulk investments. Sector leading ETFs can be added to the portfolio.

The time of constellation change will play an important role. After 1:30 pm we may see aggressive buying, stock prices may rise. SIP investments are highly recommended today, and so are BTST (buy today, sell tomorrow) positions.

May 14, 2024: Tuesday: No.7: Pushya-13.05/Ashlesha: Fast day

Market sentiment will be quite positive. Demand and volatility will be seen in companies related to metals, mining and natural resources. Nakshatra Ashlesha Provides directional movement. Aggressive consolidation breakout signals will give the best results. Stick to trend-following indicators. It would be best to ride the pace, even if a little behind. After this, strictly avoid contrarian or reversal trades constellation Changes during the day. Long and short basket positions are recommended.

May 15, 2024: Wednesday: S.8: Ashlesha: Range bound, unstable

After the initial opening activity, the markets will remain limited and boring throughout the day. Due to which market participants may get nervous.

Date 8: We will see negative price movements in PSUs and positive movement in capital goods, especially cement, real estate and home decor stocks. The short-term, 15-minute chart will indicate reversal and increased intraday basket trades. Go for BTST.

May 16, 2024: Thursday: S.8-6.23/S.9: Magh: Bullish, short selling

Tithi Navami: The first half is bullish, so 12 noon is a good time to buy, and after 1 pm look for a selling pattern on the 15-minute chart. This is the best day of the week, both buyers and sellers can make a lot of money.

May 17, 2024: Friday: S.9 8.49/S.10: Purva: Book Profits

Difficult days to make money, misleading signals on swing charts will harm system traders, and delayed, or after second confirmation, participation will give better results.

Mercury 90: Today, Pluto will harm largecaps, and companies in a particular sector may suffer losses due to natural disaster.

Panic selling cannot be ruled out, so make sure stops are placed in the system.

Our observation on Nakshatra 'Krittika' – 11th May to 25th May

This is the third constellation.

Its symbol is a knife or spear.

Deity Agni is the god of fire.

The ruling planet is the Sun.

The position in the zodiac is Aries, 13.21 to 26.40 degrees.

When the Sun transits in its own constellation, Krittika, we have powerful results. In stock markets, this period may provide opportunities for short selling manipulation of stocks.

Technical analysts can capitalize on this by focusing on tools like MACD, which can effectively identify overbought stocks ripe for a correction. There could be some buy-side deals in one to four months.

Kritika's characteristic of provoking detachment or deviation from existing trends presents a negative signal. The industries most affected during this period include explosives, chemicals, military vehicles, international trade, and mining.

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