The Delhi High Court quashed the POCSO case after the settlement.

The accused’s father is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Indian Orthopedic Association.

The court noted that the FIR was filed due to misunderstandings and personal grudges between the parties and their families and had been voluntarily settled.

“Considering the facts and circumstances involved in the present case, although this Court is, no doubt, very mindful of the fact that the charges leveled against the petitioner carry serious penalties, however, if He is convicted, in the opinion of this Court, looking at the totality of events, considering that the present FIR was lodged as a result of some misunderstanding and personal grudges between the parties involved and their family members. was done and also that a settlement has been reached between the two. The parties voluntarily,” said Justice Banerjee.

The judge observed that it would be futile to continue the FIR as the chances of the accused being convicted were slim.

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