The dog turned on the gas cooker and set the house on fire while the family members were sleeping.

A curious dog turned on the burner, causing a family's Colorado Springs home to catch fire early Wednesday morning, July 3rd.

The dog was sniffing boxes left on the stove when he turned on a burner while the family slept.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said the fire started in the stove just before 4:45 a.m. and quickly grew in size, setting off the smoke alarms and the “high heat” alert of the family's Apple HomePod.

The male homeowner was able to put out the fire before anyone was seriously injured.

Colorado Springs firefighters arrived at the home a short time later to assist the family and investigate the cause of the fire.

When they reviewed the home's surveillance footage from inside the kitchen, what they saw shocked them.

They saw the family's dog jump up on its hind legs to sniff the boxes, and seconds later, flames erupted from the stove.

In video released by the fire department, the dog can be seen inadvertently hitting the knob of one of the burners, which immediately ignited the canisters as the family's pet ran out of the kitchen.

“After speaking with the homeowners and reviewing security footage from their home, we determined that their child became a little curious and accidentally turned on the oven,” Colorado Springs fire officials said in the post. On top of which were some boxes.”

The male firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. No other people or pets were injured, officials said.

A fire caused by a freak accident, however, badly damaged their house, rendering them homeless.

Watch the video below:

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