The dog walker picked up the husky by the leash, tossing it to the floor inside the Gurgaon Society elevator

On June 30, a dog walker was caught on camera abusing a dog inside an elevator in Gurgaon's Tatum Society.

Video of the incident, posted by an animal lover on X, shows the man pulling the husky by its leash and slamming the dog onto the floor before taking the dog out of the elevator.

Watch the video here:

X-user who posted the video strongly said that animal abuse is unacceptable and such people should be held accountable. He also demanded action against the person seen in the video.

“Saw a dog walker abusing a dog in Tatum Society, Gurgaon. If you hire dog walkers, please supervise them closely. Animal abuse is unacceptable, and These persons should be held accountable and the authorities need to act quickly,” Vidit Sharma said.

This is not the first time that Sharma has exposed animal abusers. In May, he posted disturbing CCTV footage from a Gurugram society in which a dog walker was seen repeatedly beating a pet golden retriever inside an elevator. The incident took place on May 9 at Orchid Garden in Sector 54.

These are not uncommon cases of animal abuse. Such incidents have been reported across the country recently. Sometimes owners are seen abusing their pets, while other times they are abused by their caretakers when they are away from their owners.

This is a worrying trend, as abusers caught on camera are held accountable for their actions, but those who commit such atrocities without being caught are never brought to justice.

However, dog owners can take a few steps to ensure the safety of their beloved pets:

Puppies often suffer in silence when they are separated from their pet parents. Unable to communicate their experiences and needs, they may experience anxiety, fear, or abuse from caregivers. Therefore, pet parents need to recognize the importance of understanding their dog's behavior and ensuring their well-being even in their absence.

For their safety, pet parents should prioritize thorough background checks when hiring dog walkers and groomers. References, reviews and credentials should be checked to ensure the caregiver's reliability and competence. In addition, clear communication about the dog's needs, behavior, and any specific instructions is vital to providing proper care and ensuring a positive experience for the pet.

By doing the above, pet parents can ensure that their furry companions get the love, care and respect they deserve, even when they're not with them.

Date of publication: Monday, July 01, 2024, 02:11 PM IST

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