The first Thunderbolt 5 cable has arrived, but there's nothing to plug it into

Available today from Amazon in 1-foot (0.3 meter), 1.6-foot (0.5 meter), and 3.3-foot (1 meter) lengths for $23, $27, and $33, respectively, these new cables obviously don't do much on their own — you'll need a computer with a Thunderbolt 5 port and some sort of dock or accessory to really make use of them.

But to date, the only laptop with a Thunderbolt 5 port is the Razer Blade 18, and even there it's not guaranteed. You'll need to buy the $4,500 Mercury Edition of the laptop to get that port. (You also get an Intel i9 and mobile RTX 4090 at this price.)

The Razer Blade 18 with Thunderbolt 5 port at CES.
Photo: Sean Hollister / The Verge

and as long as you have Two Outside of those laptops, there's probably nothing special you can do with a Thunderbolt 5 cable as of today, since the peripherals we saw at CES aren't ready yet: Belkin, J5Create, OWC, and Sabrent haven't listed any of their Thunderbolt 5 products on their websites yet, and Hyper still shows its $400 dock as out of stock with a “Sign up to receive notifications” button.

But if you to do If you have two $4,500 Razer laptops, can you transfer files between them at ridiculous speeds using Thunderbolt Share? Curious minds want to know. If not, I guess you can just use it as a USB4/Thunderbolt 4 cable for now.

According to Cable Matters' press release, its cable is manufactured by Lintes, the same company that provided the prototype cable we saw at CES.

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