The Ghaziabad civic body approved its ‘Dog Policy’ bye-laws

In its board meeting on Tuesday, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation unanimously approved the long-awaited bye-laws for its ‘Dog Policy’, along with another proposal aimed at regulating pet shops. It was, officials familiar with the development said.

According to a 2020 NGO survey, Ghaziabad has a community dog ​​population of 48,000, of which around 23,500 have been neutered across the city. (Saqib Ali/HT Photo)

As part of these regulations, registration of pet dogs is now mandatory, and a fee is charged 1000 per pet has been endorsed in place of the previous one. 500 one time registration fee.

The Corporation’s Chief Veterinary and Social Welfare Officer Dr Anuj Singh said, “The annual renewal fee is now 500, up from the previous one 200. Registration of a pet dog requires submission of anti-rabies vaccination certificate and sterilization certificate from a qualified veterinarian. The pet will be sterilized only after it reaches one year of age. Applicants must also submit an affidavit certifying that their pets will not cause a public nuisance.

Official estimates suggest that around 20,000 pet dogs fall under the corporation’s jurisdiction, but so far only 5,300 have been registered. According to a 2020 NGO survey, Ghaziabad has a community dog ​​population of 48,000, of which around 23,500 have been neutered across the city.

Additionally, the board approved a provision limiting each house or flat of 200 square yards to a maximum of two pet dogs, while flats or houses of up to 300 square yards can register a maximum of four pets. Five or more pets will not be allowed in residential areas, and such cases will be subject to animal shelter provisions.

The pet owner is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and dealing with pet litter, while Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) or Apartment Owners Associations (AOAs) are tasked with taking care of stray dogs. will The provisions also prohibit individuals from feeding dogs outside other residents’ homes, and require animal workers and local RWAs/AOAs to identify designated feeding areas.

Additionally, the provisions state that masks are mandatory in public places such as parks and elevators but can be removed in case of high temperatures or in less crowded areas.

These provisions include a preliminary proposal, approved by the Corporation Board in October 2022, to ban the registration and breeding of three dog breeds (Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, and Pit Bull) due to their perceived aggression. was installed.

Meanwhile, Rochan Mehra, an animal activist, said, “Banning three breeds will not serve the purpose and seems unnecessary. It is not about the breed but about how the pet dog is owned.” Gives training.

However, animal activists also say that the bye-laws were long overdue and the corporation should implement them on the ground and not stay on paper.

“Over the years the corporation has lagged behind in sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs. To bridge the gap, the civic agency should come up with animal birth control centers in each of its five zones. It is expected that the bodies of animal lovers and residents work in good faith to benefit the dogs of the community,” added Mehra.

“In case of violation of any of these regulations, pet owners will face fines. 10,000 per pet. The by-laws have been approved, and we will now invite public objections/suggestions. After their notice, the bye-laws shall be published as part of a notification and shall come into force. The board has also approved a proposal regarding the regulation of pet shops under the corporation’s jurisdiction,” said Dr. Singh.

The development follows the death of a 14-year-old boy, who succumbed to suspected rabies in Ghaziabad, after being bitten by a community dog ​​a month before he died.

Meanwhile, the Corporation stipulated that all pet shops must obtain registration and license from the Corporation in addition to pre-registration from the State Animal Welfare Board. Pet shops are required to maintain records of any pets sold in breach of these terms. 5000 fine per instance.

On a separate note, during the day, councilors raised the issue of transfer of Indirapuram from Ghaziabad Development Authority to Municipal Corporation, a pending process which they urged to speed up. Other proposals were under discussion at the time of filing this report.

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