The lady of the moment admits to cheating on her long-distance boyfriend.

Woman causes outrage as she admits to cheating on her long-distance boyfriend of 5 years in absentia via phone call.

The woman was caught by her friend who posted the video on her Tiktok page @chidi_browny.

She was chatting with the boyfriend, when he asked if she was cheating on him for the duration of their relationship.

Furious, she confesses that she is cheating because she can't stop herself after dating for 5 years without meeting.

The enraged woman challenged him not to try to pay his bride price throughout the relationship.

He also admits that he is sending people to track down her house to confirm her loyalty but she doesn't care.

The woman believes he is also cheating on her with a white woman so she is ready to end things if he comes back and decides he doesn't want to continue the relationship.

Watch the video below:

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