The man pretends to deny it in public to see the girlfriend's reaction, demanding security over it.

A video shows the dramatic scene that unfolds when a man, not knowing who his girlfriend is in public, calls security to escort her away from her car.

The man and his girlfriend headed to the parking lot, and as she was about to open the passenger door, the man decided to prank her to see how she would react.

He suddenly changed his mood and pretended not to know who she was.

The lady thought he might be joking and asked him to stop and open the door for her.

However, he persisted and even called security to tell her he didn't know who she was.

At this point the woman had to prove to the security man that she knew him and brought out her phone to show him pictures of them together.

He even called his mother and handed the phone to her, at which point the boy refused again before laughing.

He titled…

“Refused to let his girlfriend see his reaction in public.”

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