The Modi-led NDA and the opposition threw the LS rulebook at each other during Rahul's speech. A look at the laws they cite.

Rule 359

There was an uproar on the Treasury benches after Rahul criticized the Modi government by holding up a picture of the Hindu god Shiva in what he described as a “full-scale attack on the ideology and constitution of India and those who defend it”. On this, Speaker Om Birla referred to Rule 359 (xvi) of the Rules of Procedure and Business in the Lok Sabha, which states that while the House is sitting, no member shall display a flag, emblem or any other display. Birla repeated this several times as the Rae Bareli MP continued to display the image during his speech.

Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav, meanwhile, cited Rule 359 (xii) – which states that an MP cannot sit with his back to the chair and shall not stand – alleging that Rahul had accused the President of In speaking on the motion of thanks on his address, his back was turned. The Speaker and the opposition benches were looking on.

Rule 352

Yadav also invoked Rule 352 (ii), which states that members should refrain from making personal accusations, questioning the motives, or challenging the integrity of another House member unless it is debated. therefore not absolutely necessary and directly relevant to the matter under discussion. The BJP minister claimed that Rahul had accused the entire Hindu community of violence.

This was later countered by TMC MP Sugata Ray with additional sub-section (vii) of Rule 352 which states that a Member of Parliament cannot utter treasonous, treasonous or defamatory words while speaking in Parliament. . Ray added that the LOP did not use any derogatory comments against Shiva and merely showed the image of the deity, so there was no rule violation.

Rule 356

When Rahul showed the picture again accusing BJP of attacking minorities. Bhupendra Yadav Rule 356(ii) was used, which allows the Speaker to direct a member to stop speaking after calling the attention of the House to the member who “in his own arguments or the use of other members Arguments persist in irrelevant or painful repetitions.”

Rule 115

Accusing Rahul of making baseless allegations, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Agriculture Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh demanded that the Rae Bareli MP should confirm their claims on the Agnew scheme and MSP to farmers. do

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey joined him and cited Rule 115 (1) and (2) of the Speaker's instructions under the Rules of Procedure, which state that if a Member or seeks to highlight an error or mistake in another's statement. Member, he should first write a letter to the Speaker, detailing the error and seeking permission to take up the matter in the House. Additionally, the member may submit any evidence in support of the allegation.

Later, Shah and Chauhan reiterated their demand that Rahul prove his allegations after the Congress MP said the BJP had called the farmers “terrorists” and had not given them MSP.

Rule 349

Congress MP from Kerala Hebi Eden meanwhile used the opportunity to invoke Rule 349 (ii), which states that a member may make disorderly expressions, noise, or speak in any other disorderly manner to another member. He will not interfere. This happened when Environment Minister Yadav interrupted Rahul for citing Rule 356.

(Editing by Gitanjali Das)

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