The month of July is a crucial moment for the equity markets

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Stockology is a weekly column by futurist Mahesh Govande. He is the founder and director of Ayan Analytics, which has developed Zodiac Analyst, a research software with time and price charting tools.

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Review: The markets are expected to see price action rally and form a bell curve pattern. As expected, private banks attracted huge investments, and Reliance also received significant investment inflows and finally chemical companies attracted quite good investments, defence especially shipping companies have become unstoppable. We are at a new high, and quite a number of stocks are trading below three-week lows. The index moves were typical with heavyweight stocks and only the top 10 or 12 stocks participating while the rest of the market was under selling pressure. News of front running and manipulation also became pressure points for select stocks. Overall, a very comfortable week for long-term investors and especially large cap portfolio owners.

technology – Nifty recorded a gain of 509 points. It had four positive days and one negative day on Friday. The short term swing move has achieved its first target of 24,175 and the next possible target is 24,380.

On the other hand, the 24,190 and 24,360 zone is also the target of the weekly pattern. The levels on the monthly timemap are 24,600 to 24,859. The confluence of targets and selling zones from the short-, medium- and long-term timemaps will ensure strong selling pressure around 24,170 and above. On the downside, 23,206 is the level of defense for the bulls and the overall down trend will be the market if the 22,410 Nifty level is broken. We may see more sharp bounces before entering a long corrective sideways phase, which is expected to be confirmed in the month of October but will start in the month of July 2024.

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Timemap – The sun is in Nakshatra Ardra – It is looking positive for FMCG, Pharma and top 100 index stocks. This means that front line stocks will remain on the investment list in the coming week. Fund flows look like they are moving towards defensive strategies. While the coming week is slightly positive and showing a bullish tilt, we expect momentum risk to reduce and move into stable defensive low beta investments. After July 6, the market will become more volatile, and maximum investments will move towards value investing strategies. The timemap is not bearish, but it is definitely a shift in investment strategies from July 6 to the end of the month.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto have several aspects, which are strong and powerful enough to reverse the trend of a sector and lead the indices.

The month of July is a pivotal moment for equity markets, setting the stage for the emergence of new sectors that will thrive over the next 2 to 3 years, driven by visionary investors. Notably, stocks and sectors ready for excitement often do so by the end of October.

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01 July, 2024: Monday: K.10: Bharani: Good for making profits

A higher opening will be considered negative for the market. Date Rewards active actions. constellation Good for profit taking. Retail trading models will be in the spotlight more today, as the sector will see portfolio changes. Agriculture, especially seeds and direct food trade will trigger weekly signals. STBT is highly recommended for stocks that are closing at the day's high.

July 02, 2024: Tuesday: K.11/12: Krittika: Bad day

Flat or negative opening. Wait a few minutes and keep an eye on sell signals, as divergence will be the most profitable indicator of the day. Date There is a recession and constellation It is fast. The opposite trade will give more profit.

It will be a bit tough as the majority cannot participate in the opposite direction. Trend following systems will suffer. BTST is highly recommended in IT stocks or technology and internet stocks.

July 03, 2024: Wednesday: K.13: Rohini: Bad day

Date 13 Increases volatility. Spike candles occur under the influence of Date 13are very important on the chart, and they can be used as important candles. constellation If the market is bearish, the market will be sluggish in the early hours and post lunch we expect a very aggressive, sudden surge in volumes due to some external news or event. High beta counters and index heavy stocks should be used for trading.

The time period from 12.15 to 12.45 is worth watching. One of the strongest bearish signals can arise on the charts of individual stocks and even indices.

04 July, 2024: Thursday: A.14: Mriga: Bad day.

Quick reaction and prompt action is the key to success. Best day for traders who can participate in both sides or strategy in options. Momentum breakout indicators will give best results. Communication, power and defence sectors are worth watching for making big profits. BTST is highly recommended in oversold stocks. Negative closing is expected.

05 July 2024: Friday: Amavasya: Ardra: Fast day

A flat to nominally positive opening cannot be ruled out. We are expecting the market to give a very broad movement and it will be directional, but slow and steady. From the next day, enter the 6th Sun Nakshatra PunarvasuThe biggest churning in the sector will be seen in the coming 2 months.

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