The Philadelphia Inquirer calls on Trump to abandon his campaign

Former US President Donald Trump during a campaign event at the Liacouras Center at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Former US President Donald Trump during a campaign event at Temple University's Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, Saturday, June 22, 2024. Trump's fundraising surge, which threatens to wipe out President Joe Biden's carefully accumulated cash advantage, was driven mainly by an explosion of online donations shortly after his felony conviction. Photographer: Hannah Baer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(NewsNation) – Another major newspaper is calling for a presidential candidate to drop out of the race, but it’s not President Joe Biden.

“The debate about the debate is baseless. The only person who should drop out of the race is (Donald) Trump,” the Philadelphia Inquirer's editorial board wrote Saturday.

The Inquirer says that yes, Biden's performance in the debate was very poor.

“But Donald Trump's usual bombastic rhetoric of lies, exaggeration, bigotry, ignorance and fear-mongering was met with condemnation. His performance proved once again that he is a threat to democracy and unfit for office,” the editorial board wrote.

“Trump told more than 30 lies during the debate, a milestone compared to the more than 30,000 he has told in his four years as president. He dodged questions from CNN's moderators, took no responsibility for his actions, and blamed others, particularly Biden, for everything that was wrong with the world.”

The Inquirer's editorial comes as two other major newspapers, The New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have called on Biden to drop out of the race.

The Inquirer acknowledged the futility of its editorial with a subheadline below the banner calling on Trump to withdraw: “But he won't, so Joe Biden will defeat him in November. Keep moving forward.”

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