This is definitely not the stolen Lamborghini on Facebook Marketplace, no sir

Hi! Do you like flags and is your favorite color red? Because I found a Lamborghini Gallardo that would be perfect for you. Low mileage, no damage, and a bargain at only $35,000!

Unless it is, in fact, a stolen vehicle. We have no idea, but we have a lot of questions.

In a Facebook Marketplace listing posted three days ago, a “2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Coupe 2D” with 20,000 miles is being sold for the low price of $35,000. There’s nothing funny about the headline. It’s pretty straightforward. everything else Which brings up the pause.

The listing begins with, “Stuck in drive, won't start! No title. Don't ask about VIN.” The single photo shows the rear corner and side of the Gallardo, with the license plate conveniently cut off. It looks fine, except for the dolly that is mysteriously stuck under the rear wheel. The listing ends with, “Everything is sold for parts, nothing is missing.”

Screenshot 2024 06 29 at 2.31.22 PM

Again, we're not saying it's stolen. We're also not saying it isn't. Just making observations, like the East Hartford, Connecticut location isn't exactly full of Lamborghini owners. And oh, right: the listing was posted by Mr. “Bag Chaser.”

Apparently, Bag Chaser is so eager to get rid of this supercar that he posted a nearly identical listing the next day – with the price cut. Now for just $34,000 (such a saving!) and with a picture of the complete vehicle, Mr. Chaser again asks potential buyers to “stop asking for the VIN.” He says a friend ” [sic] Did the insurance job and reported the car.” Interestingly, he now claims he has the title too. If you want it, you have to meet him and his “good friend's house.” Great. “That's the only way we can do business.”

crop fb marketplace gallardo listing 2

Kelley Blue Book Gallardos of similar age and mileage list from $95,888 to $140,995. All are from reputable dealers and private sellers, with multiple (and clear) photos as well as accident reports, ownership histories and VINs. Anyway, just another day on Facebook Marketplace. Best of luck to the bag chaser and his “friend.” Hope they don't run out of red flags to wave.

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