Three airport crashes in three days: Jabalpur, Delhi IGI, then Rajkot – here's what really happened

The monsoon season in India has not only brought heavy rains but also a series of unpleasant incidents at various airports across the country. These accidents, mainly caused by incessant rains, have raised serious concerns about the safety and structural integrity of airport facilities. Here's a look at the events:

Delhi IGI Airport

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Early on Friday morning, the canopy of IGI Airport's Terminal 1 collapsed due to heavy rain, killing a cab driver, Ramesh Kumar, and injuring eight others.

The incident comes less than four months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over an upgrade of the terminal to allow it to handle 40 million passengers a year, up from 17 million previously. was more than This structure was constructed in 2008-09.

Following the incident, all flight operations from Terminal 1 have been suspended until further notice and the concerned airlines have been rescheduled for operations from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, until the affected areas are restored to operations. It is not done.

Jabalpur Airport

Part of the canopy at the Jabalpur airport in central India collapsed on Thursday. Although no one was injured in the incident, the vehicle of an Income Tax official was damaged. The airport was inaugurated just three months ago on March 10 by PM Narendra Modi.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI), which launched the investigation, said the newly constructed building experienced its first rainfall, which caused water to accumulate and the canopy to collapse.

Rajkot Airport

In the third incident in three days, an umbrella collapsed at the passenger pick-up and drop area outside Gujarat's Rajkot airport during heavy rain on Saturday. According to preliminary information, there is no report of injury or loss of life.

Sources in the Ministry of Civil Aviation told ANI that the canopy broke during maintenance work aimed at draining the accumulated water. Repairs are currently underway, and a detailed incident report has been requested.

The new greenfield airport was inaugurated by PM Modi in July 2023. The Airport Authority of India (AAI) had built a new airport at Herasar village, 25 km from Rajkot.

Who to blame for accidents?

Although rains played a major role in the accidents, opposition party politicians and experts pointed out the dangers of lax regulations and speedy completion of projects. PM Modi has been betting big on infrastructure development over the years.

Modi's plans include making India a rival to major aviation hubs like Dubai and Singapore. Since he came to power in 2014, the number of operational airports in India has almost doubled to 140 and the government plans to increase it to 220 before the end of the decade.

“Quality should not be compromised in the pursuit of speed,” Amiya Joshi, an independent aviation analyst, told Reuters.

He also stressed on the process of auditing the existing infrastructure, pointing out that the Delhi roof that collapsed was an old structure.

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