Train climbs platform at Mathura station in Uttar Pradesh, probe ordered

Train climbs platform at Mathura station in Uttar Pradesh, probe ordered

Train accident in Mathura: The engine stalled after hitting a pole at Mathura Junction station.

A train coming from Delhi derailed at Mathura Junction and went up on the platform. The incident took place on Tuesday night and the train was an Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU). News agency PTI said that there was no loss of life. A part of the platform and an electric pole were damaged by the train engine. Videos posted by several news agencies show the train’s engine near the station’s name board. The EMU stopped after climbing the platform and hitting an electric pole.

Railway Station Director SK Srivastava was quoted by the news agency as saying that the train was coming from Shakur Basti. He further said that all the passengers had got off the train before the accident.

Railways has ordered a high-level probe into the matter.

According to officials, the train reached Mathura Junction at 10.49 pm on Tuesday night. After all passengers disembarked, it rolled down the track and onto platform 2A before coming to a stop after hitting a pole. He added that a woman suffered an electric shock and was given first aid.

A section of platform 2A was damaged in the incident and trains were suspended from there, but other services are running as normal.

This comes after a 12-year-old boy averted a major accident in West Bengal when he waved his red shirt at an approaching passenger train.

The loco pilot saw the boy and stopped the train by applying the emergency brake in time. PTI has identified the youth as Mursaleen Shaikh.

“A boy named Mursaleen Shaikh, son of a migrant laborer from a nearby village, was also present in the yard along with the railway staff. Seeing the broken section under the tracks from the rain, the boy acted sensibly and became alert at the time. The loco pilot of an approaching passenger train was waving his red shirt along with other railway staff on duty, said Subyasachi D, chief public relations officer of North East Frontier Railway.

The incident took place last Thursday near Bhaluka Road Yard.

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