Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift singing “So High School” at Paris show

Taylor Swift has now officially dropped a brand new Erasure Tour set list Tortured Poets Department Is outside. And yes: She sang “So High School” when Travis Kelce was in the audience during his Paris show on May 12, and her reaction (because apparently thousands of people filmed it) was literally the sweetest.

Really thank you to those who appreciate Travis, you have done a great service to society. Also completely sick in a positive way when Taylor wore Chiefs colors during this show:

Recently a source told entertainment tonight Was thrilled to have Travis Taylor write about him tortured poetssaying, “Travis is so supportive of the whole album and he loves that he's a part of Taylor's story. He's totally a Swiftie and he's so proud of her.

The insider also said that “Expressing herself through her music has always been therapeutic for Taylor. It gives her the opportunity to grow, feel empowered and turn her experiences into art.”

It's unclear how many shows Travis will play on the European leg of Taylor's tour, but he's still technically on a break from his rigorous NFL practice schedule (he said it with the authority of someone who understands football), So we will see! Either way, he remains Taylor's biggest fan:

A source had earlier told entertainment tonight April said Travis “couldn't be more supportive and he's excited for Taylor” and “he knows how much it means to her and thinks she's extremely talented. Taylor and Travis follow each other's creative processes and work. They appreciate each other, respect each other's opinions and are open and communicative.”

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