Trinamool's 'BJP Estates' Confrontation on Mob Justice, BJP's 'Kangaroo Court' Job

After coming under fire over the cold-blooded mob justice incident in North Bengal's Chopra, the ruling Trinamool Congress has said it has a zero-tolerance policy on such crimes and has extended its support to BJP-ruled states and In Bengal, the CPM launched a counter-attack, drawing parallels with the previous government.

“The Trinamool Congress as a party and our government do not support what happened in Chopra. The police have registered a case on their own and arrested the main accused. The victim has been provided police security. And if anyone else is involved, he will not be arrested.” Bachaya,” said Dr Santanu Sen, senior Trinamool leader and former Rajya Sabha member.

Hitting back at rivals, the Left and the BJP, he said several such incidents had taken place when the CPM was in power in Bengal. “But we have never seen a CPM leader come out that it was wrong. Similar incidents keep happening in BJP-ruled states too. But we have never seen a BJP leader say this. I have not heard that this is wrong. This can only happen in Bengal because the Trinamool Congress has a zero tolerance policy and we don't just say it, we do it,” he said.

A shocking video showing a man publicly beating a woman and another man as a crowd watches has sparked widespread outrage and sharp criticism of Mamata Banerjee's government. The BJP and the CPM have targeted the Trinamool government and drawn parallels between the state's law and order situation and the 'kangaroo' court.

Opposition parties have alleged that the main accused, Tajamal, has relations with local Trinamool MLA Hameedur Rahman. The MLA has denied any connection with the accused. He said that this is a matter of the village and it has nothing to do with the party.

The woman seen in the video is understood to have eloped with a man after having an extramarital affair. Calling him “characterless”, the MLA admitted that the “punishment was excessive”.

The main opposition BJP has split the Trinamool Congress over this issue. BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia told the media today that West Bengal is now under “Taliban rule”. “Whether it is Sandishakhli or election violence or rape or murder, it is Mamata Banerjee's responsibility. The state home ministry is under her and law and order has been destroyed, you should resign,” he said.

Mr. Bhatia said that the accused Tajamal is a Trinamool leader. “He is a habitual criminal. He believes in instant justice, kangaroo court justice and calls it the Insaf Sabha.”

The CPM has also taken up this issue strongly. CPM state secretary and former MP Muhammad Saleem tweeted yesterday, “Not even #KangarooCourt! Summary trial and conviction by d@AITCofficial goons named JCB. Literally bulldozed Chopra under @MamataOfficial rule.” Justice.

Mr. Salim also said that the person who made the video has now been evicted from his home. “Same is the rule of TMC in Chopra liberated zone under @WBPolice supervision,” he said. The CPM leader alleged that Tajumal was also accused in the murder of the Left leader.

Targeting both the Trinamool and the BJP, he said the “Swindu model” was continuing in Bengal. “Murderers are at large, fraud of justice continues in Bengal.

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