Tron vs Solana: How TRX's 2 Million Daily Users Stack Up Against SOL

  • Tron's daily active address volume exceeded 2 million.
  • For Solana, the number remained less than 1 million.

tron [TRX] The network has recently overtaken other platforms including Solana [SOL]In daily active addresses.

Additionally, analysis of their respective native tokens indicates that TRX has displayed a more favorable trend than SOL recently.

Tron leads Solana in active addresses

According to recent data Coin98 AnalyticsTron Dow has once again taken the lead this month as the platform with the most daily active users.

The chart showed more than 2.4 million daily active users, representing a significant increase of 50% compared to the previous month.

In contrast, Solana is ranked fifth with less than 1 million user counts. An analysis of Solana's daily active addresses revealed a figure of over 854,000, despite the remarkable amount of NFT activity on the platform.

However, when examining their Total Value Locked metrics, Solana appears to be exhibiting a more favorable trend despite Tron boasting a larger TVL.

Solana sees higher TVL recovery than Tron

According to data from DeFiLama, the Total Value Locked (TVL) figures of Tron and Solana are $8.3 billion and $4.3 billion respectively. The TVL of TRX is almost double that of SOL.

However, upon further analyzing their TVL trends, it becomes clear that SOL has recently shown a more positive trend in TVL than TRX.

The charts indicated that both TRX and SOL experienced sharp declines around April. However, SOL's TVL appeared to be recovering more quickly with an observable uptrend.

In contrast, TRX displayed a more pronounced downtrend, which continued at the time of this writing.

TRX and SOL are seeing opposite price trends

Analysis of Solana (SOL) and Tron (TRX) price trends over the past six days reveals contradictory patterns.

The price of TRX has seen a steady rise since May 7, with only a brief interruption caused by a slight decline on May 11. The price rose from around $0.120 to $0.126 during this period.

By the time the news was written, its price had increased by about 0.16%.

tron price trend

Source: TradingView

On the other hand, SOL experienced a sustained decline on May 7 and 8, resulting in a loss of more than 7% in its value, falling to around $142.

However, on May 9 it saw a significant increase of over 7%, bringing its price back to around $152.

This was followed by a decline, with SOL trading at around $144 at the time of writing, representing a decline of 0.3%.

solana price trend

Source: TradingView

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From these charts, if TRX's positive price trend continues, the number of daily active addresses may increase.

Conversely, if the price of SOL continues to decline, it could further impact the number of daily active addresses on the platform.

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