Trump allies want Harris to add to Biden's burden on health, border

Kamala Harris is not the Democratic candidate for president.

But Donald Trump's campaign is already previewing that. It will go against it The vice president should be suddenly nominated, as some Democratic officials and strategists have begun to demand, in the wake of President Biden’s faltering debate performance.

Trump and his Aides are ramping up attacks against Harris, seeking to paint her as Biden's left-wing opponent and blame the vice president for the border crisis. They're also rolling out new messages accusing her of concealing Biden's health status.

trump , Who previously mocked Harris's first name and spread false allegations that the California-born Harris was a foreigner and ineligible for office , She is personally excited about the prospect of running against him, a person familiar with her comments said. She posted a video on Wednesday that showed her calling him “pathetic” and “so nasty.” The campaign is pointing to polling that shows Harris is polling similarly to Biden against Trump, possibly weaker with white non-college-educated men who could be crucial to winning Midwest battleground states.

“I think this is a huge challenge for Democrats with blue-collar, working-class people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan,” said Jason Miller, a senior Trump adviser who on Friday aired years-old clips of Harris saying she would ban plastic straws and advising people to donate to bail funds that aid some people accused of violent crimes. “She’s seen as a California radical.”

Still, some advisers and allies concede that Harris, 59, could transform the race as a more vigorous campaigner with the ability to energize younger voters and women. And they said her opportunity to pick a new running mate could further alter the dynamics of the matchup, especially if she adds a Midwestern governor like Josh Shapiro (D-Pa.) or Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) to the ticket.

“The policy debate doesn’t change, the capabilities of the candidate change — all the problems with Biden weakening physically and mentally go away,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a close Trump ally. “If she picks a governor from Pennsylvania or Michigan, that changes the game.”

The White House and Biden campaign have dismissed questions about Biden's health and the pressure he's facing to withdraw, but personal advisers acknowledged they have limited time to reassure his jittery party. Harris spokeswoman Ryan Lake said: “Vice President Harris is proud to be President Biden's running mate. No matter how many false attacks Trump and his extreme allies launch, she will continue to defend the Biden-Harris record and prosecute Donald Trump.”

Democrats argued that Harris, as a former prosecutor, could be an effective messenger against Trump, who was convicted of 34 felony counts in May. They also said she has shown leadership on abortion rights, an issue that has driven Democratic victories in recent elections.

Donna Brazile, the former acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said Harris has already endured years of vitriolic attacks from Republicans. She said Trump has similarly insulted other Black women, such as New York Attorney General Letitia James and Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fannie T. Willis, and warned that Trump's attacks against the first woman and first Black vice president could backfire.

Brazile said, “They've been throwing paint, stones, mud and almost every other metaphor I can think of since the day he was sworn in … I guess I'll say where have you been?'” “This is not the time for his team to be attacking any women,” she said of Trump, referring to his allegations of paying an adult-film actress to keep quiet and jury liability for sexual assault.

In 2020, Trump spread an unfounded conspiracy theory falsely suggesting that Harris might not be eligible for office, repeating his false allegations about President Barack Obama's citizenship. Harris's parents immigrated from India and Jamaica, and she was born in Oakland, California. Trump also pretended to mispronounce Harris's name.

Trump on Thursday introduced a new nickname for Harris — “Laughin' Harris” — that mocks the way she laughs. The campaign has also run an ad mocking Harris's laugh, and a statement from his top advisers on Tuesday called her Biden's “nonsense co-pilot.”

Trump's team is reasserting long-standing criticisms of Harris, centered on her appointment to lead the administration's response to rising border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021. The MAGA Inc. super PAC on Wednesday dubbed Harris the “invasion czar,” a reference to Biden's nomination of her to oversee his administration's handling of the surge in migration at the border. Trump has described the wave of attempted border crossings as an “invasion,” using baseless claims and inflammatory language to dehumanize and demonize immigrants.

“Kamala Harris is the less likable and more chaotic face of the Biden-Harris regime,” said Taylor Budovich, the PAC’s CEO. “She would not only widen the map in the presidential race, but would be the nail in the coffin for Democrats’ hopes of keeping the Senate and winning back the House.”

Some close to Trump have expressed concern that Harris might take a different approach to Israel’s war in Gaza, the source of a damaging rift in the Democratic coalition.

While Harris's election would allay voters' concerns about Biden's ability to stay in office for another four years, Republicans have indicated they will keep the issue alive, accusing Harris and other Democrats of hiding Biden's position and misleading the public. They will also argue that if Biden decides he is not fit to run and bows to Harris, he should also immediately resign as president.

On Thursday, former Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller called on Harris to testify before Congress about her knowledge of Biden's health condition. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Tex.) told Fox News on Friday that Harris should be subpoenaed and could be impeached for “lying to the American people” about Biden's mental state and for not invoking the 25th Amendment, which provides for the transfer of power when a president becomes unable to discharge his duties.

“No one has been more central to the coverup than Kamala Harris,” the Republican National Committee said in an email Friday, listing 16 times Harris has taken responsibility for Biden's fitness to serve.

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