Trump trial live updates as Michael Cohen testifies today

In the summer of 2016, former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, was trying to sell her story about an alleged sexual encounter she had with Trump, which he denies. Her attorney, Keith Davidson, contacted the National Enquirer about a deal in June.

Cohen said that Pecker and Howard told him about the story. He said he thought it would have had a “significant” impact on Trump's campaign and that he told Trump about it “immediately.”

“I told him about what I had just learned. I asked him if he knew who Karen McDougall was, if he knew about the story. His response to me was, 'She's really beautiful, ” Cohen said, recalling Trump's statement. “Okay, but there's a story for sale right now.”

“Make sure it doesn't get released,” Cohen said. Trump told him.

Cohen said that Pecker and Howard briefed him about the conversations with McDougal and that Cohen, in turn, briefed Trump “often” about the developments.

Prosecutors showed a series of messages between Cohen and Trump's bodyguard Keith Schiller in June 2016. Cohen was asking Schiller if Trump was available to speak. A phone call with Schiller appeared immediately after the text in call logs. Cohen testified that the call was about “an update I received regarding the Karen McDougal case.”

Pecker called Trump while Cohen was in the room, shortly after Cohen testified, and Trump put the call on speakerphone.

Cohen said, “They asked him how things were going with this case, and David said it's under our control and we will, we'll take care of it.” “So David said it would cost him $150,000 to control the story, to which Mr. Trump replied, 'No problem, I'll take care of it.'”

The deal was finalized in August. Cohen said he believed “effectively the story is now under wraps.” He described Trump's response: “Fantastic. Great job.”

Pecker testified that Trump never paid the $150,000 AMI he charged to secure the rights to McDougal's story.

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