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Why the Prime Minister said what he did last week is a mystery. What is clear is that he has tied himself up by openly accusing India's two richest men of sending “sacks of black money tempo” to the Congress party. For those of you who may have missed the speech, what he said was that the “Prince of the Congress Party” had spent five years repeating the mantra “Ambani-Adani, Ambani-Adani” but They stopped after the election campaign started. Why? He challenged Rahul Gandhi to tell how much he got from Messrs. Ambani and Adani.

The answer came immediately. Rahul Gandhi uploaded a video saying that if the Prime Minister knew that Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani were sending him bags full of cash, why did he not send ED and CBI to investigate? Correct question. Meanwhile, the Congress president took a sarcastic tweet on X saying that friends are no longer friends and this is a sign of how times are changing. The Congress Party's campaign committee quickly calculated that Rahul had used Adani's name 103 times since the start of the campaign, proving that the prime minister got the basic facts wrong.

Nobody is better at turning a bad narrative into a good one than the BJP's media managers. But this time his services were not required. The Congress party acted on its own. The two grumpy old men who have acted as wrecking balls in the last two Lok Sabha elections came forward to divert people's attention from this reckless remark of the Prime Minister. First came Sam Petroda with his offensive, racist and funny comment about the skin color of Indians. This time he was sacked from his job as the head of the Congress Party's overseas wing but the damage was not controlled soon enough that Mani Shankar Iyer did more damage.

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PM Modi

Do not execute before trial.

An interview he gave last month suddenly appeared on every news channel in which he was heard saying that a “muscular” approach could not work for Pakistan because it had its own nuclear “muscles” in Kahota. His point was to point out that the good work the Congress party had done in the past ten years to keep Pakistan peaceful had been undone by Modi's hostile, hard-line attitude towards the Islamist republic. What Iyer got out of his interview was to damage the Congress party rather than damage Modi. Congress spokespersons quickly distanced the party from Ayer's views.

The Prime Minister's reluctance and surprise speech have disappeared from the headlines but not forgotten. Modi is such a skilled politician that he almost never makes the mistake of saying something that he regrets. So, what happened this time? What drove him to attack two men everyone considered their closest friends? And what action does he intend to take against him now that he has accused him of sending sacks full of 'black money' to the royal family of the Congress party?

The damage he has done to himself is serious because it shows that he failed in his mission to eliminate black money. He has been passionate about doing this since he first took office. It was almost the first item on his agenda. On state visits abroad he asked world leaders for help and when he demonetized 85% of our currency overnight in 2016, his aim was to eradicate black money. Instead, what demonetisation achieved was serious damage to the economy and destruction of small businesses. Black money continues to flourish. When Modi lists his achievements, he never mentions demonetisation. Will they now forget the serious allegations leveled against Messrs. Ambani and Adani?

The most important thing right now is that for the first time since the start of this election campaign, the Prime Minister is on the back foot. None of the issues he has raised in recent weeks have panned out to voters. That's because none of these issues were issues. When he announced that the Congress Party would steal women's 'mangalsutras' if it came to power, it made him look weak and a little mysterious. He must feel very weak to make such a ridiculous accusation.

He then went to Ayodhya to worship at the Ram temple once again and it seems that this has not resonated with the voters either. His staunch aide, Amit Shah, stepped forward in a public meeting to feverishly declare that “Rahul Baba” should know that even if his grandmother returns to this world, she will still be the CAA. will be able to stop Did he forget that he was talking about Rahul's Dadi and not Nani? And does he really think that amending the Citizenship Act is something that voters across India care about?

After reflecting on the blunders of two of the BJP's biggest leaders recently, I have concluded that this has happened because the campaign has gone on too long. If there is one thing that can be learned from this endless summer election, it is that the Election Commission must find a way to complete the electoral process in a shorter period of time. When the election campaign lasts six weeks, everyone starts running out of steam. A torpor has settled and a deep ennui has begun. Everyone is getting bored.

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