Turkey refuses to allow Israeli flight to evacuate, refuel after emergency landing: reports

Turkish authorities on Sunday reportedly refused to evacuate or refuel an Israeli flight after it made an emergency landing in Antalya due to a medical crisis on board, Israeli media reported.

El El Fult. The Jerusalem Post reported that LY5102 was flying direct from Warsaw, Poland to Tel Aviv, Israel in the early hours of the morning when the airline said the plane had to land at Turkey's Antalya International Airport after a passenger fell ill. .

“After consultation with the doctor treating the passenger on board, it was decided that the passenger should land immediately in order to evacuate the passenger from the hospital as soon as possible,” Al Al said in a statement.

An Al Al flight from Poland was forced to make an emergency landing in Turkey on Sunday after a passenger fell ill. Sopa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images
The plane was reportedly stopped from taking off or refueling at Turkey's Antalya International Airport. Getty Images

Although the flight crew was initially given permission to deboard and refuel, Turkish authorities later delayed the decision, claiming that permits were needed to refuel the plane, Israeli broadcaster KAN reported. Reported.

After waiting, the flight crew was informed that they would not be allowed to either, forcing the plane to fly to Greece's Rhodes Airport to refuel, according to Israel's Army Radio.

LY5102 then departed Antalya at 6:18 p.m. local time, arriving in Greece less than 40 minutes later, according to FleetFlight tracking site FlightAware.

The status of the ill passenger remained unclear, and authorities did not say whether the passenger had been allowed to seek medical treatment while in Turkey.

Officials at Antalya International Airport did not immediately respond to The Post's request for comment.

The Israeli flight was diverted to Rhodes International Airport in Greece. rhodes-airport.info

All direct flights between Turkey and Israel have been canceled since the start of the Israel-Hamas war following the October 7 terrorist attack.

Turkey has been one of Israel's most vocal critics of the war, with its government announcing in May that all exports and imports from Israel would be suspended following the Israeli Defense Force's advance into Rafah.

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