Two Modern Warfare 3 juggernauts get caught in an incredibly goofy duel

published, 2023-10-08T21:17:33

Updates, 2023-10-08T21:17:47

Juggernaut Recon is more fun than useful, as two Modern Warfare 3 players wear the iconic suits and have the best 1v1 of all-time.

At eight kills or a 1000 scorestreak, Juggernaut Recon isn’t as powerful as you’d like. Wearing the iconic suit, the player controls a version of the Titan with a shotgun, riot shield, and a smoke grenade.

As mentioned, it’s not overly powerful, and upon using it, it becomes painfully obvious that using it is a bit of a troll streak. However, two players have managed to best this streak during their time in the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

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Hilarious clip shows two Juggernauts dueling in Modern Warfare 3

Juggernaut Recon is the highest obtainable streak in the Modern Warfare 3 open beta. Of the five playable maps, Rust and Favela are objectively the best maps to use the streak on due to their small scope.

In an unexpected sequence of events, two players managed to earn streaks in the game of Domination on Skidrow. Meeting in Mural Alley, they join in greatest duel of all timeBecause they both try to bring each other down.

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Cracking the riot shields together, laughter is heard during this silly exchange. Ultimately, one player emerges victorious from this duel of the turtles, but not without the help of some teammates and a few laughs along the way.

In light of the brutal act of violence, one Twitter user replied, “Jag on Jugg violence is a no-no.”

While cheaters and battle rage are raining on some players’ parade, it’s nice to see some others having a blast at silly moments like this.

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