U2’s Bono dedicates concert to victims of Desert Rave massacre

A heartfelt tribute was paid with a prayer for a ‘peaceful end’ to this war.

During U2’s ongoing Las Vegas residency, frontman Bono paid tribute to the 260 people who lost their lives during the Hamas terrorist attack at the Reim music festival in Israel.

While on stage with the band, the Irish singer stopped in the middle of the set to address the audience and express his condolences for the events taking place in Israel.

260 people lost their lives in this tragic incident, while hundreds of people remain unaccounted for. During U2’s performance at their Nevada residency last night, Bono dedicated his hit 2003 song ‘Pride (In the Name of Love)’ to the victims, and expressed his fervent desire for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

Bono began, “In light of recent events in Israel and Gaza, a song advocating nonviolence may seem somewhat ironic, perhaps even absurd.” “However, our prayers have always been for peace and nonviolence. But our hearts and our desperation, you know where it is directed. So, join us in singing for our brothers and sisters, for those who The supernovas were celebrating the Sukkot festival in Israel.”

He further added, “We sing for them, our people, our kind of people – music lovers, playful souls, and those who embrace experimentation. Our kind of people. We sing for them.”

Concluding his heartfelt address he said, “On the morning of October 7, as the sun rose in the desert sky, we remember those Stars of David. They may have taken your life, but they Pride can never be taken away.” Bono then launched into the song ‘Pride (In the Name of Love)’ in honor of those who died at the festival.

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