Ukraine is passing through Russia’s main defense line.

Ukrainian infantry broke through the main layer of front-line defenses weeks ago, but now armored vehicles The past wrapped up Anti-tank barriers known as “dragon’s teeth”. and are advancing near the town of Verbove in a key step for the Kyiv operation.

Armored vehicles, including American-made Strykers, breached the central layer of the defenses of the infamous “Sorovkin Line,” named after Russian General Sergei Sarovkin, who Trenches, mines and anti-tank barriers.

The Institute for the Study of War estimated for the first time last week that armored vehicles may have penetrated the main layer, although it was not immediately clear whether the positions would hold.

Ukrainian commanders have also confirmed to the media that Armored vehicles flew off the main line. After the soldiers cleared the way.

If the Ukrainians can then secure their advance around the towns of Vrbovo and Novoprokopivka, they can advance to Tokmok, An important path towards the ultimate goal To capture the city of Melitopol.

Ukraine There is still a long way to go.To reach Tokmok, at least 15 miles or so, and the route is littered with Russian defenses.

A minor benefit came when the first US Abrams tank promised to Ukraine arrived in the country and Being prepared to be sent into battle..

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