University of Montana prepares for COVID-19 outbreak if needed

MISSOULA – As the recent COVID surge has resulted in increased hospitalizations across the United States, how prepared is the University of Montana for another potential outbreak?

In an interview with MTN News, Dave Kuntz, director of strategic communications at UM, said the school is following current CDC guidelines regarding COVID, including five days of isolation after a positive COVID test. Is required.

Kuntz also said the university is using its past experiences with COVID to make sure it is prepared for the possibility of another outbreak.

“What we’ve really learned in the past is that you have to be flexible and be able to adapt and so when we need remote instruction or when we need to make testing or vaccinations available we have those Tools are available. “We have the infrastructure in place where we can use it when needed and that is something that is not going away, but it is a positive outcome of how we dealt with Covid a few years ago.”

Vaccinations and COVID testing are currently available at the Curry Health Center for those who need them on campus.

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