Up to 448 EUs and 256-bit bus interface

Intel's Arc Battlemage “X2” and “X3” graphics cards have been spotted with up to 56 Xe2 cores and a 256-bit bus interface.

Intel's high-end Arc Battlemage graphics cards appeared with codenames “X2” and “X3”

New information on Intel's Arc Battlemage “Xe2” graphics card comes from nbd.ltd and Volza, who primarily log customs and shipping data on their online databases.

According to new data, Intel is using new X2 and X3 codenames for its next-generation graphics cards, although it is not known if these are official branding or just internal codenames for the cards. One of the cards is listed under “Churchill Falls” and is reportedly a cancelled SKU based on the BMG-G10 die.

Intel Arc Battlemage X2 and X3 Graphics Cards 1
Intel Arc Battlemage X2 and X3 Graphics Cards 2

Starting with the details, we first have the Intel Arc Battlemage “X3” graphics card that uses the BMG-G10 GPU die. This is a flagship SKU that was reported a while ago but based on recent reports, it seems to have been cancelled. This spot is filled with the BMG-G21 and BMG-G31 die.

This graphics card was expected to have 448 EU or 28 Xe2 cores and had an 8-layer PCB with a 256-bit bus interface. The graphics card had 16 GB of GDDR6(x) memory and this is the information we can extract about this part.

Image source: nbd.ltd

Now there's no evidence that this SKU or GPU die has been canceled other than rumors, but it would be nice to see Intel making a high-end graphics card like this within its Arc Battlemage lineup.

The second SKU is a bigger mystery as it can't be said which GPU it actually contains, but we have seen references to the BMG-G21 die, so it might be present on this graphics card. The BMG-G21 GPU has already appeared in the same log and it looks like Intel is testing a variety of active-fan heat sinks with these engineering samples.

Image source: nbd.ltd

Apart from these, the Intel Arc Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU was also revealed some time ago, featuring up to 32 Xe2 cores, half the amount of the BMG-G10.

What we really know about the Intel Arc Battlemage graphics cards is that they can deliver up to 50% better performance than the current Alchemist chips, offer a brand new ray tracing engine, and some pretty cool features like VVC support and improvements in terms of software and driver support. Intel's Arc BMG “Battlemage” Xe2 GPU is expected to be introduced later this year, so stay tuned for more details.

“Rumored” features of the Intel Arc Battlemage graphics card:

Graphics card variants Arc B*** Arc B*** Arc A770
GPU Die Arc BMG-G31 Arc BMG-G21 Arc ACM-G10
Process Node TSMC 5nm? TSMC 5nm? TSMC 6nm
die size TBD TBD 406mm2
Shading units (cores) 4096 (32 Xe2-cores) 2048 (16 Xe2-cores) 4096 (32 Xe-core)
GPU clock (graphics) TBD TBD 2.10 GHz
memory capacity 16GB GDDR6(X)? 12GB GDDR6(X)? 16 GB GDDR6
Memory Speed TBD TBD 17.5 Gbps
Memory Bus 256-bit 192-bit 256-bit
Bandwidth TBD TBD 560 Gb/s
Price (at launch) TBD TBD $349

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