Using drone surveillance, the Gurugram police busted an illegal liquor unit.

Gurugram, June 11 (INS): Using drone surveillance, the Gurugram police have busted an illegal indigenous liquor brewing unit in Rithuj village in the Aravalli range and arrested seven people, including a minor, in connection with the case.

Police also seized 50 liters of country liquor, 1600 liters of chemicals and other goods from the spot.

Police on Tuesday used a drone equipped with a high-definition camera for surveillance to bust illegal country liquor manufacturing bases and nab the accused.

ACP (Sohna) Vipin Alhawat said, “A team from Bhondi police station launched a special drive against illegal country liquor breweries in the area and busted one such unit and arrested seven suspects. “

The arrested accused have been identified as Sache, Ganga, Manoj, Anil, Khem Chand, Manshiram and a minor.

“Many people involved in the production of country liquor work in the Aravalli range. They also ensure that these bases are close to the waste disposal site outside the village to mask the smell of the country liquor. Drones With surveillance, we focused on the Aravalli region,” said Elahut.

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