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You may think you're eating a balanced diet, but are you really paying attention to your individual nutrient intake? We thought so. In such a situation, when dietitian Shweta J Panchal talked about the lack of vegetarian sources Omega 3 Fatty acids, we were all eyes and ears.

According to an Instagram post by Panchal, there are four recommended sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for heart and brain function, that everyone, especially vegetarians, should follow.

But can they help meet the body's Omega 3 needs? We find out with the help of experts.

flax seeds

Each tablespoon of this seed provides 7 grams of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), a type of omega 3 fatty acid, Panchal said. “A concentrated supply can be obtained by consuming flaxseed oil or grinding whole flaxseed. Try consuming one or two teaspoons of linseed oil or ground linseed oil flax seeds Every day,” said Sushma PS, chief dietician, Jindal NatureCure Institute.

chia seeds What things should be kept in mind while consuming chia seeds (Source: Freepik)

Algae and Seaweed

Nori, chlorella, and spirulina are all forms of algae. These are important sources of omega 3 for vegetarians and vegans because they provide the omega 3 that non-vegetarians get from fish, Panchal said. According to Panchal, algae and seaweed are one of the few plant foods that contain both DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which are primarily found in seafood.


Walnut Omega 3s are one of the easiest sources to get. You can eat walnuts raw or sprinkle them on salads and mix them with smoothies, Panchal said. Sushma said, walnuts packed in ALA make a delicious snack. “Add them to baked goods, salads and oatmeal to incorporate them into your diet. It is recommended to take about 1 ounce or a small handful every day,” said Sushma.

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chia seeds

Panchal said that every two tablespoons of chia seeds provides you with about five grams of omega 3s. “Chia seeds also contain large amounts of ALAs. It is excellent consume 1-2 teaspoons every day,” said Sushma.

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