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New Delhi: The Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that during his tenure as a judge of the Supreme Court of the country, he… Team India End of head coach, great batting Rahul Dravid He looked at the ups and downs during his tenure Indian Cricket Team,
Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)BCCI) has shared a link to a heartwarming video Dravidian Talking about his time with the team, his achievements and disappointments.
Former Indian captain Dravid retired from the international stage without winning the World Cup. And under the leadership of coach Dravid, India became the number 1 team in both Tests and ODIs. T20 World Cup Winning the title was like icing on the cake.
Recalling his pivotal role in the development of Indian cricket, Dravid says, “I like to believe that coaching is not just about coaching cricket. It means coaching and building relationships with people, creating the right environment that leads to success. I feel I am part of a team whose responsibility is to create the right professional, safe environment in which there is no fear of failure, but which is challenging enough to motivate people to move forward. I have always tried to create such an environment.”
Indian Captain after winning the T20 World Cup title Rohit Sharma has announced his retirement from T20. 37-year-old Rohit Sharma was part of India's first T20 win in 2007 defeating arch-rivals Pakistan in the final in Johannesburg.
Dravid said that he will miss it. Rohit Not as a captain and a player but as a person who scored runs and made records.
“I've really enjoyed working with Rohit, he's someone I've known since childhood, watching him grow as a person, grow as a leader in Indian cricket, the contribution a guy like him has made to the team over the last 10-12 years, as a player and now as a leader, is a true tribute to him and the efforts he's put in, the time he's put in. I've really enjoyed getting to know him as a person, it's been fun to see his commitment, his care for the team, just trying to make the environment right, trying and creating an environment where everyone feels safe, protected, enjoying themselves, while it's also a very competitive and professional environment. That's something I'll miss, this association with Rohit,” says Dravid.

Dravid also praised Virat KohliHe also bid farewell to his T20 International career and praised the professionalism and commitment of the India superstar.
“With Virat, in his initial days I had played only a few series as captain, only a few Test matches. But then after knowing him well and seeing the way he does his job, the kind of professional attitude he shows, his desire to improve, his desire to get better, I think it is very exciting for me to see all this,” Dravid said.
Talking about the memories from his coaching tenure, Dravid said, “The people that I have had the privilege of working with, my coaching staff, the people that I have worked closely with and also the support staff, the professional attitude around them, I think that is the best thing for me. I know there have been some results, we have had some good results and some results have not been so easy, but that is an integral part of being a coach and a cricket team. But the best memory for me is the relationships that I have built, the friendships that I have made, which will remain long after the good and bad results are forgotten. And my family as well. Everyone has invested in the Indian team in the last two and a half years, I have definitely done that by being here, but my family has done that as well. I have loved every result that the Indian team has been a part of and it has also been great to see how my two young boys have been involved in every result. I have really enjoyed it, I think it has been great. It was a great learning experience for me, I loved being associated with the team. Felt, I loved connecting with the players, some of them I already know, coached them in Under-19, been in India A, I had already spoken to most of them before coming here. I have also met some new players in the last two and a half years. Some of the guys like Rohit, Virat who I started playing with. It's great for me to see how they have grown and become what they have become. Got a chance to know them a bit more, personally, it's been great. I enjoyed it a lot, I will take only happy memories from my two and a half years with India.”

During his tenure as head coach, Dravid claimed that he disliked making too many cuts and changes in the lineup and always tried to act as a balance for Rohit so that he could plan his winning streak.
“I'm really a person who likes continuity and I don't like to chop and change too many things because I believe that creates a lot of instability and not a very good environment. I feel I'm part of the team whose responsibility is to create the right professional, safe, protected environment that really doesn't have the fear of failure but is challenging enough to push people. That's what I've always strived for.”
Being a new coach and working with six captains was “never imagined” by Dravid, who said he faced a tough time while the players were recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.
“One thing we really had to manage, especially in the initial phase of my coaching stint with India. We were in the last phase of Covid restrictions. “We really had to manage his workload across all three different formats. There were a few injuries and that led to me working with 5-6 captains in the first 8-10 months of coming here. It was definitely something I hadn't imagined, or something I had thought about, but it happened naturally.”
The pandemic also had some positive effects, as many youngsters were able to gain experience of being part of the Indian team, although Covid put a lot of limitations on the players and they were essentially in a “bubble case” all the time.
“The other thing that happened, which was great to see, is that because we played a lot more cricket after Covid and we had to play a lot of series, it meant that we had to play two teams at the same time in different parts of the world at times.
“In the last two-and-a-half years, especially in white-ball cricket and recently (in the last phase of my career) even in red-ball cricket, we have been able to give opportunities to a lot of youngsters and get a lot of guys into the team.”
“Some of those players developed and stayed in the squad for a while, but some of them were in the squad because maybe some of the senior players were resting at that time.”
According to PTI, Dravid claimed that since he has always given importance to the process, people have sometimes misinterpreted that his focus is not on results.
“For me it (results) is definitely important. I keep saying that and people think, 'Oh, I think results are not important'. Of course, results are important.
“I am in this business to deliver results. But as a coach, I always have to think about what I can control to help results and at the end of the day our responsibility should be to help the captain express his vision and his philosophy of how he wants the team to play.”
“Of course, winning cricket matches is a sure thing. You try to win as many as you can. That's where you start. But I always look back and see what leads to victory? How do you win more matches and what is the process to win more matches?
“For me, the goal was to try to get that process right. To look at all those points. 'Are we challenging the players enough? Are we practicing enough? Are we tactically and technically prepared? Are we giving the players the best support possible, are we creating the right environment?'
“I think these are the things that are important to keep in mind before you go after victory. Hopefully if you do a lot of these things, victory will find itself most of the time.”
Former Indian batsman gautam gambhir It is believed that he will become the coach of the Indian team in place of Dravid.

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