WATCH: How this Australian woman survived on orange juice for 40 days

We have often heard the question, 'What is the food on which you can survive for the rest of your life'? Everyone has a different answer to this. In a similar bid, Anne Osborne, a resident of Queensland, Australia, is gaining major attention on social media after sharing her amazing experience of drinking only orange juice for almost five weeks. As reported by USA Today, she shared an Instagram video on her official handle @fruitisbeaut, in which she shared her experience with a diet consisting mostly of only fruits. In the clip, Osbourne is seen saying that she has only drank orange juice for 40 days and has never felt better and healthier. According to her post, she started juicing as part of her diet during holidays so that she could get more time for fasting. Eventually, she was surprised to find that even without food to survive, she was filled with energy and even felt spiritual.

Oranges are known to have many health benefits as they are rich in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. Health experts generally recommend not following such a restrictive diet. Although Osbourne has shared the positive results of such a diet for a certain period of time, health professionals warn that a fruit-only diet leads to a deficiency of essential nutrients in the long term.

Osbourne told that she used to take a juicer with her. Sometimes she would even suppress them. Instagram followers asked how much orange juice she drinks in a day, to which Osbourne replied that she drinks 1-1.5 liters of orange juice a day.

According to News Corp Australia report, a study by Cleveland Clinic states that fruits are rich in natural sugars, vitamins and antioxidants which make their consumption beneficial for health. Overeating or following such a diet is not recommended as it can lead to rapid weight gain, diabetes and also nutritional deficiencies.

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first published: April 18, 2024, 10:51 IST

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