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GHAZIABAD: Out of 22 water samples collected from the city's Saya Gold Society on May 7, four samples failed the quality test and were deemed unsatisfactory. The samples were taken from the ground floor flash tank, ground floor main tank and overhead tanks of Towers 7 and 8. In the health camp held at the society on Sunday, a total of eight patients were treated, of which two were suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Six others suffered from vomiting, stomach pain and other problems. So far two patients have been admitted to private hospitals. At present 15 patients have been reported from the society.” About 5 patients are suffering from stomach infection and diarrhoea. About 10 patients are suffering from vomiting, abdominal pain and other problems. We are working with the care team of the society. are largely responsible for this situation. Sanitation, chlorination of tanks and availability of clean drinking water to the builder are being monitored Rectification instructions have been given,” said District Vigilance Officer RK Gupta. According to Gupta, four medical teams have been formed to test the water from all the societies. “We have issued guidelines asking the builder, RWA or the in-charge of the societies of Ghaziabad to check whether the water management system and sewage system are in good condition and we have three days. Answer in. Our teams will then take water samples and share the results.” Gupta added. Instructions have also been given to improve the condition of drinking water supply in educational institutions, ponds, water plants, ice factories, hostels and workplaces. Instructions have been given to install chlorine dosing system as per the standard in the society.

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