Water scarcity: Water scarcity in Ghaziabad: Residents face challenges amid rising temperatures | Ghaziabad News

GHAZIABAD: Parts of the city are facing water shortages at a time when residents face extreme heat during the summer months. GMC officials told TOI on Sunday that the city has a water shortage of 25 MLD (million liters per day), making it difficult to meet the demand of 345 MLD. KP Anand, General Manager of Water Works Department at GMC explained. According to an estimate, the water demand is 135 liters per capita per day (LCP), which is a total of 345 MLD. However, considering 15% water wastage due to seepage and other factors, we can produce only 320 MLD of water, of which 55 MLD comes from the Ganga and the rest from underground sources. This leaves a gap of 25 MLD between supply and demand, which we are trying to meet.” Residents alleged that water supplied from underground sources is brackish and unusable. Due to which they are forced to depend on tankers for drinking water and other uses. “Every morning, we have to wait for the water tankers to come, and when they do, it often leads to a stampede,” said Bhagat, a resident of Shiv Vihar Pratap, who lives in Vihar, said, “With our borewell failing, we are totally dependent on GMC for water. However, the water supplied is brackish and unfit for consumption. As a last resort, we are forced to buy bottled water, which costs Rs 35 per jar.” The residents further alleged that the corporation had not strengthened the water infrastructure before the start of summer this year. Acknowledging that some areas of Sahibabad still have no water supply network, Anand said, “We would have deployed 64 water tankers to supply water. are Water in areas not yet networked. He highlighted the major challenge in determining where the corporation will source water given the alarming decline in groundwater levels in the city. There is an extensive water network, with 51 overhead tanks and 27 underground water reservoirs where water is stored and distributed, around 2.68 lakh users in the municipal limits Environmentalist Sashi Raghu said that the groundwater level in Ghaziabad has been sinking since 2017. According to the latest data from the State Ground Water Board, the average pre-monsoon groundwater depletion in Ghaziabad from 2017 to 2023 is 9.5. meter was

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