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You can tell Clubhouse to step aside, but it's been gone for a long time. There is another audio-based, invite-only social media network in town – AirChat. The app is a bit like what would happen if you combined Twitter and Clubhouse.

On AirChat, instead of typing a post, you speak it into your smartphone's microphone. The app will automatically transcribe what you say and the transcription will appear on the feed along with your voice.

AirChat was founded by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Tinder co-founder Brian Norgaard and has become a sensation in the social media world over the past few days. Now, all of Silicon Valley is asking whether AirChat will be the next big thing, breaking away from traditional text and video-dominant social media or is it going to be another fad that we'll forget in a few days, like Clubhouse?

How does AirChat work?

Since it essentially transcribes audio notes, according to Forbes, AirChat creates a feed that blends written content with the warmth and personality of hearing someone speak. Here are some of its main functions.

How do you post on airchat?

If you want to post something, just tap the microphone icon and start speaking. It will automatically transcribe the text and give users the choice between reading the text or listening to the original audio.

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What does the AirChat feed look like?

Just like Twitter, your AirChat combination will contain text posts from people you follow. You can scroll through these posts like any other social media platform, but AirChat also gives you the option to hear the voice behind the post while you scroll. This can make the platform and its content more engaging because you also get to hear the tone and voice behind it.

How do you reply on AirChat?

You also use voice notes to reply on AirChat. Once you see a post from someone with text and voice, you can also reply with your own voice-text combination.

How do you get on AirChat?

Currently, the app is invite-only. This means you'll need to find someone who's already using the app and ask them for an invitation to join. If you don't know anyone to contact, try downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and let it access your contacts. It will then tell you which of your contacts has access to the app. You can then contact them for access to AirChat.

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