When Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared tips to balance work and home

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, offices all over the world shifted to work-from-home arrangements. Many employees then realized the benefits of working from home and have maintained their stance ever since. Even Google chief Sundar Pichai once realized the importance of working from home and shared the formula behind managing work and home life.

In a 2021 conversation with the editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, Pichai said that people get a better work-life balance when they work three days a week from the office and two days from home.

He then said, “Even in places like New York and San Francisco, our employees face long commutes and that was a real issue. And so I think people find a better balance in the three/two model.”

He then detailed how the company was “planning broadly on a three/two model.”

In line with Pichai's statement, Google did indeed make changes to its work from home policy in 2023. The company had asked employees to return to offices at least three days a week, a move that angered many employees who wanted to work remotely forever. ,

Reports had emerged that the company had asked remote employees located near Google offices to rethink their work arrangements and transition to hybrid schedules.

Details also emerged about a separate internal document that said remote workers who had already been approved to work from home would be allowed to work from home if there were significant changes to business needs, roles, teams, structures or locations. May have to undergo revaluation.

Google's Chief People Officer Fiona Cicconi also sent an email to employees talking about a strong commitment to in-office attendance.

Cicconi highlighted the importance of hallway conversations in the office in his email. He said, “Of course, not everyone believes in the 'magical hallway conversation,' but there's no question that working together in the same room creates positive change.”

He also highlighted that a large number of the products showcased at recent events like I/O and Google Marketing Live were a direct result of teams working in close proximity.

Additionally, Cicconi said remote work would now only be considered in exceptional circumstances, effectively signaling a departure from previous flexibility.

It was also reported that in some cases, Google will also include employee attendance in its performance reviews.

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Divyanshi Sharma

Published on:

3 April 2024

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