Why is Google launching the Pixel 9 so early?

Earlier this week Google made a big, unexpected announcement. The Pixel 9 series is launching in August, which is about two months earlier than the usual schedule. Why?

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Historically, Google has held its annual “Made by Google” event in October to launch the latest Pixel flagship. It all started on October 4, 2016, and has continued with almost the same time-frame since then. One of the earliest events was in 2020, when Google launched the Pixel 5 and other devices on September 30.

But August 13? wildly The event will be held so soon that no one would have guessed it. After being held in New York City for a few years, the event is now being held at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Clearly, big changes are going to happen in the future.

Why the date so early?

We won’t know for sure for some time, but a few possibilities immediately spring to mind.

For one thing, Google's next Tensor chip, the G4, is more of a stopgap than anything else. A fully custom Tensor chip made by TSMC will arrive in 2025, and the G4 is rumored to be just a minor bump over the current Tensor G3. That should be fine, as the Tensor G3 is already better performing than the first two generations, but we don't really know how much better it will be. Rumors claim it will be better in terms of heat and efficiency, and is also adopting an updated cellular modem that includes satellite support. So, given the minor upgrades, it could be that Google's next Tensor chip will be ready for primetime a little earlier than last year.

However, I would say that the chip is the reason it has been pushed back. I think this year's lineup is much bigger, so that's less likely.

If all the rumors turn out to be true – and they seem to be – there will be four new Pixel 9 models this year. Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel 9 Pro Fold. The naming scheme seems a bit confusing, but if priced right, this could be a great lineup from Google. But it has to be. He It seems crazy to have so much hardware coming to market at once, especially for a company that only captures a small (but growing) share of the smartphone market. My guess is that Google will probably announce everything at once, but push the actual release out a month or so later. I certainly expect that, at the very least, given that new Pixel Watch hardware and updated Pixel Buds are also likely to be introduced at the same event.

pixel 9 pro tease

Finally, there’s another reason Google is pushing this launch so early, and I think this might be the most likely one.


What's more. Google is pushing AI even harder as the company feels the pressure of competition, and the Pixel is a key component of that push. Using the quiet month of August gives Google a chance to show off new AI ideas on the Pixel ahead of Apple's next iPhone, which now looks to be packed with “Apple intelligence.” As our Abner Lee pointed out on Friday, Google has already hinted that powerful new AI features are coming this year, such as Gemini Live.

Which of these three reasons might be Google's motivation? I think it's probably a mix, and there are about a billion other factors, but I'm very curious to see how this all plays out. In one survey, 9to5google The vast majority of readers agree that bringing the Pixel to market in the first place is a good idea, and that's something I've always thought the company should consider.

Get ready, folks; the next few weeks are likely going to be very busy in the Pixel rumor realm.

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