With Destiny 2's expansion chief gone, will we keep getting expansions?

After the hugely successful launch of The Final Shape in Destiny 2, one of the key leaders who helped make it possible has just announced she is leaving the company. That would be Expansion Project Lead Catarina Macedo, who frequently appears as a guest artist in videos and is a driving force behind the quality of The Final Shape.

She said she's taking some time off before moving somewhere else but creating something new, which means she's not going to be working on any existing franchises. We don't know if she'll stay within the Sony umbrella or not.

It's probably too early to announce a new expansion lead, but the question is, will there be one? And the biggest question that has been on fans' minds for a long time is, will Destiny 2 continue to get the same number of actual expansions as it has for the past seven years?

Bungie previously said they would talk about the future of Destiny 2 after The Final Shape launched. And they did, but they really only covered the next three “episodes,” ending with a teaser for something called Destiny: Frontiers, which doesn't sound like an expansion but perhaps a whole new arc in which there's a theory that Destiny players will leave their current solar system. But what will happen? He Are extensions included?

Some believe that Destiny is going to switch to an episodic-only model for a while, which is more or less the equivalent of extended seasons, with no major expansions in between them.

However, even with All of this is happening because of the uncertainty and lack of confirmation of new episodes. Even after Katrina's departure, I'm still not convinced that this is going to happen. Why? This is very basic.


Most of the cash Bungie makes, which now goes directly to new owner Sony, comes from selling its annual expansion or a bundle of that expansion with the following season for $100 or so. Or from older expansions, as new or old players try to move on.

Yes, Destiny 2 has microtransactions, yes, you can buy seasons, but the biggest driver for revenue and then retaining a playerbase that spends money on other stuff are these expansions. Losing that would be huge, and it would mean less money to spend on content production, which would mean less opportunities for engagement and spending, and so on. Yes, Bungie has Marathon coming out as a new game, but that's a huge risk in the current multiplayer landscape where everyone has been stuck playing Fortnite and Warzone and Apex for the last few years, not giving many new people a chance. Bungie needs to keep Destiny going, and an expansionless future seems nearly impossible to imagine.

I've heard other theories that it's about working on Destiny 3 and narrowing it down. Just make episodes for two years and release Destiny 3 in 2026 or so. That timeline is impossible, continuing to produce live content while also working on a full-scale sequel that would release so soon. I do believe a Destiny sequel will come someday, but not until the next console generation, and it may not be past a conceptual stage right now. Making a game of that size would most likely take 4-5 years, which is why I don't think it will come until PS6 and Xbox whatever. But we'll see.

I get that Destiny 2 needs an expansion, but there's so much changing out there that it's hard to know where things are going. Before Katarina left, game director Joe Blackburn also left. Meanwhile, the less-seen Pete Parsons, Luke Smith, and more controversial leaders like Mark Noseworthy remain. I think Bungie should start being more specific about what's coming next from Codenames, as the current episodic format alone could start losing players quickly.

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