With the addition of Valorant and League of Legends to Xbox Game Pass, Sarah Bond is weighing in heavily on Microsoft’s POV for eSports.

Recently during Tokyo Game Show 2023, Sarah Bond was interviewed about Microsoft’s plans to work with Asian developers and bring their games to Xbox Game Pass. The interview, conducted on September 22, 2023, revealed some interesting plans for moving forward in the world of competitive eSports.

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With games like Valorant and League of Legends being added to Xbox Game Pass, it’s clear that Microsoft is taking a step towards esports titles. While competitive gaming was not the primary focus of Xbox Game Pass, Sarah Bond, vice president of Xbox’s game creator experience and ecosystem division, explains her new direction on the position.

Microsoft will focus more on Esports titles on Xbox Game Pass


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With the addition of games from the Riot Games library to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has begun to move in a direction that promotes competitive gaming with strong eSports formats. Games like Valorant and League of Legends have an average of 3 million active players online at any given time. This really helps Microsoft work towards freeing up the Esports scene within Xbox Game Pass.

He was asked a question about adding Valorant and League of Legends to Xbox Game Pass. And he replied, “For us, eSports is a different way for people to get the experience of using equipment. When you appreciate the players, you can also join the people who don’t play and appreciate the players, and I think that’s a way to learn about the game.

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He further said that there are different paths to pave the way into the world of the game for players who have never played it. Sarah’s insight on the way Microsoft is approaching eSports titles is a great look at Microsoft’s plans for the future.

Benefits of having Riot Games on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft and Riot Games announced a partnership that brings significant benefits to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. This collaboration was initially announced for June 2022, and now its specifics have been revealed.


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Although Valorant and League of Legends are free-to-play titles, Microsoft encourages players to play the games with Xbox Game Pass. Starting December 12, 2022, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have access to a unique benefit. Players will be able to use every character available in Riot Games titles, League of Legends, and Valorant.

This advantage is important because both League of Legends and Valorant have extensive character lists. There are over 140 champions in League of Legends alone that players can use without any extra cost or effort. Although this number is quite a lot compared to the characters in Valorant, players will have access to all 18 agents from the beginning.

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In addition to character access, Riot Games is expanding its presence on the Xbox platform. PC versions of Riot Games titles will be accessible through the Xbox PC app. This means players can access these games through the Xbox PC app or their Riot accounts, and the benefits are available on both platforms.


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Microsoft’s new direction towards the world of games shouldn’t be a surprise to everyone. However, implementing it was an important step. With Riot Games’ titles furthering their narrative, fans can expect to see more eSports competitive titles in Xbox Game Pass.

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