'Yeh Bhi Sante Ho Jaye': TMC's Mehwa Moitra to PM Modi in Parliament | India News

New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi Members of the Trinamool Congress rose to walk out of the Lok Sabha on Monday after opposition leader Rahul Gandhi's speech. Mahwah Moitra requests him to stay back and listen to her speech. He continued his speech by saying “My misfortune” when he was not far behind.
“Honourable Prime Minister, I would really request you, since you have been here for half an hour, please listen to this and go away”, he said as he began his speech.
“Don't be afraid”, he added.

“You came to my area twice during the election campaign, at least listen to me today.”
On Rahul Gandhi's walkout Parliament At the same time, Mahwa said, “It's ok, he is my LOP, he has already heard me”.
Attacking the BJP over the Lok Sabha election results, Mehwa said, “Last time I was standing here, I was not allowed to speak. But the ruling party suppressed the voice of an MLA. Paid a heavy price. Trying to suppress me, people put 63 of your members permanently.
“BJP's 'Raj Tantra' has been undermined by this country's 'Lok Tantra'. It is not a stable government. It depends on multiple allies with a history of U-turns. We are 234 fighters this time. , you won't be able to treat us like last time on a walking fire.”

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