You can now create and edit events within groups

WhatsApp has started rolling out the Events feature in WhatsApp Groups. According to the report, you will now be able to plan events with other members in your WhatsApp contacts, discuss schedule details, and confirm RSVP status. The feature was initially available only in WhatsApp Communities, however, it has now been rolled out to regular WhatsApp Groups as well.

According to WhatsApp's official blog, the Event feature in WhatsApp will allow users to create an interactive message like a calendar invite. Now you will also be able to provide information like date, time and location in it. The rest of the group members can confirm that they will attend by replying to the message.

Moreover, replies given by other users will only be visible inside the interactive message. This in a way makes it easier for all members to track the responses. With the arrival of this new feature, we have got rid of manually searching the entire chat for a person's reply. Event announcements can also be pinned within the chat, as detailed on the official WhatsApp website.

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However, the feature is currently being rolled out gradually and will soon be available to all WhatsApp users around the world. It appears that the events will be accessible to both stable and beta version users. Initially, it will be available on the WhatsApp app and is expected to launch on WhatsApp Business in the near future.

WhatsApp Events Feature: How to Use it

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile device
  • Open the group chat > ​​tap the attachment icon (Android) or tap the plus icon (iOS)
  • Click on the event
  • Enter the event name, date, and time.
  • You can add an event description, location or call link if you want
  • Tap on the Send icon or Save option.

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