'You paid a heavy price for stifling an MP's voice': Mehwa Moitra attacks govt | India News

New Delhi: Trinamool MP Mahva Moitra on Monday criticized the BJP's low strength in the Lok Sabha and said the saffron party has paid the price for targeting it. Speaking during the debate on the motion of thanks on the President's address in the joint session of Parliament, he said that the BJP would not be able to treat the opposition as it had done during the previous session.

Last time I stood here, I was not allowed to speak, but the ruling party has paid a heavy price for suppressing the voice of a member of the Assembly. In an attempt to suppress me, people made 63 of your members permanent. The Trinamool MP said in his speech. “In their attempt to silence me, the people silenced them, which resulted in them losing 63 MPs… In the process of sitting me down, Janata Nee Aapko Diya also lost your 63 MPs. Diya,” said Moitra sternly.

The Trinamool leader was citing her expulsion from the 17th Lok Sabha for taking bribes to ask questions and sharing her parliamentary login details with others. Moitra was fired after a debate over the ethics committee report that found him guilty.

The Trinamool leader criticized the President's speech and said that some important issues were not mentioned. “BJP's 'Raj Tantra' has been undermined by this country's 'Lok Tantra'. It is not a stable government. It depends on multiple allies with a history of U-turns. We are 234 fighters this time. , you won't be able to treat us like last time on a walking fire.”

The Trinamool MP also hit out at the government on Manipur and said: “There are six themes in the President's address. The budget for the North East has increased fourfold, yet the word 'Manipur' is nowhere in the speech.”

“Prime Minister mentioned 'Muslim', 'Madrasa', 'Mutton', 'Machli' and 'Mujra' during the election campaign but not 'Manipur'. No need to. We need you to work in the East and most importantly, embrace the East,” he said.

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