YouTube mother Ruby Franke’s son accused of child abuse, says therapist tied him up, used cayenne pepper to heal wounds

12 year old son of The Utah woman who once gave online parenting advice His mother said through a popular YouTube channel business partnerThe man, who is a licensed mental health counselor, used ropes to tie her up, according to a search warrant in the child abuse case made public this week.

The emaciated boy, who ran away from Jody Hildebrandt’s home on August 30 and sought help from neighbors, told authorities that “Jody” put ropes around his ankles and wrists and that they had to heal the wounds caused by the ropes. Used red chilli and honey. , according to a search warrant filed that day.

Hildebrandt and the boy’s mother – Ruby Franke, who offered parenting advice via the YouTube channel “8 Passengers” – each face Six serious cases of serious child abuse For injuries sustained by the boy and Franke’s 10-year-old daughter. He has not filed a plea and remains in jail without bail.

Jodi Hildebrandt and Ruby Franke, left, are seen in an Aug. 28, 2023 video uploaded to the ConneXions YouTube channel.

Connexions YouTube Channel

Authorities said in the documents that the presence of a treatment for the children’s wounds proved Hildebrandt knew abuse was occurring, CBS affiliate KUTV reported.

Hildebrandt’s attorney, Douglas Terry, was out of the office Wednesday and unavailable to comment on the allegations included in the search warrant. Frank’s attorney, Lamar Winward, is out of the country, his office said.

According to a search warrant request, the boy, who came to a neighbor’s house with duct tape on his ankles and wrists and asking for food and water in the Ivins community of southwestern Utah, told an officer that his two other brothers— Were at sister Hildebrandt’s house. , The warrant request states that officers learned that Franke had left three children in Hildebrandt’s care.

According to the application for the warrant, responding officers located a 10-year-old girl at Hildebrandt’s home, but did not find the 14-year-old girl. The two youngest children were taken to the hospital. According to court records, the four youngest of Franke’s six children were ultimately placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

An initial check of Hildebrandt’s home to see if he needed medical care also led officers to find a locked possible safe room in the basement in search of the boy’s siblings. A warrant was requested to search the home for any items, including rope and duct tape, that could be used to abuse a child. It also asked for a search of a locked room, but the warrant returned did not say what, if anything, might have been in the room, or whether it had been opened.

During the search officers found three ropes, two handcuffs, two bowls filled with red pepper and honey paste, bandages, plastic wrap, a magazine and some paper work.

While cayenne pepper has long been an ingredient used for medicinal purposes, according to Mount Sinai, it should not be used on broken skin or open wounds.

The Medical Center’s website states twice, “Do not apply capsaicin cream to broken skin or open wounds.” “…However, with caution, capsaicin ointment can be used on the skin of older children. Do not use topical red ointment for a child for more than 2 days in a row.”

According to the search warrant, officers also seized papers, notes, a journal, two bowls containing red liquid with metal spoons, two super absorbent dressings, two white ankle “Coban bandages” along with “Scots tape and Saran wrap”. Confiscated. Socks, “three sets of brown and white rope”, two handcuffs and three carabiners, KUTV reported.

This image from video provided by Utah State Courts shows Ruby Franke during a virtual court appearance on Friday, Sept. 8, 2023, in St. George, Utah.


Two other warrants allowed authorities to seize laptops, cellphones, any video or audio recordings that might show any child abuse and any communications between Hildebrandt and Frank.

After Hildebrandt’s arrest, she told the two youngest children “to never be allowed around any other children,” an officer wrote in a search warrant.

State licensing officials said Tuesday that Hildebrandt has agreed not to see patients until state licensing officials resolve the allegations.

Last week, Franke’s sisters Released videos detailing his separation from his family and his efforts to reconnect with his children. Julie Griffiths DeRue and Bonnie Hoelein said in videos uploaded to their respective YouTube channels that they were not aware of their sister’s actions.

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